Where do people sell bikes that are stolen in Portugal?

Hey there, I just did my Erasmus Semester in Portugal and both my Mountainbikes got stolen near Sesimbra. You can see some details about the bikes here:

Now I check olx, custo gusto, cash converters and facebook marketplace every day to see if the bikes are sold there, but are there other places? I think they might sell the bikes in a diffrerent country, is there something like a typical destination for stolen bikes?

Thank you for any help, I really hope to get my bikes back!
Greetings, Lenni

They can be sent for melting, they are payed by the weight, no questions asked, no tracking, no nothing. The downside is that whoever stole it, will receive less for the material, but will get away with it.

The other option is to disassemble the bikes and “refurbish” them in a way you never know it is your bike/frame. They may paint it in another color and grind away the “chassis numbers”, as well as change tires and other distinctive materials.